Genetic Analyzer 3500 and 3500 XL
Product Category: Pharma Lab Equipments
Product Details:
The 3500xL Genetic Analyzer is an 24-capillary sequencing instrument specifically designed to support the demanding performance needs of validated and process-controlled environments, while retaining the unsurpassed application versatility that life science researchers expect. The analyzer supports a wide variety of applications, including de novo sequencing and re-sequencing (mutational profiling), as well as microsatellite analysis, MLPA™, LOH, MLST, AFLP®, and SNP validation or screening. The majority of applications can be run on a single polymer and capillary array. In addition to the 3500xL Genetic Analyzer, this fragment analysis package includes 3500 Series Data Collection Software, a Dell Workstation and monitor, reagent kits for system qualification, and secondary analysis software. 3500 Series Data Collection Software supports sequencing and fragment analysis, and integrates seamlessly with downstream software for secondary analysis of genetic data. GeneMapper secondary analysis software is included in this package.
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