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Continental Worldwide Trading Company (CWTC) is a leading solution provider for laboratory instrumentation and consumables for over 30 years in Pakistan. We represent world market leading brands for products related to Research, QC/QA Safety for different industries. CWTC has a professional setup with foreign trained engineers and a focus on quality back-up service support.
Our business activities includes:
1) Laboratory instruments:
Buchi Labortechnik - Switzerland
Rotavapor, Kjeldahl (Protein) Analysis, NIR Solutions, Spray Drying & Encapulsation, Preparative Chromatography, Parallel Evaporation, Melting Point & Extraction Solutions.
Metrohm - Switzerland
High-precision instruments for chemical analysis Including Titrator, IC, Ph meter KF Titrators , Raman/NIR Spectroscopy products.
Astell Scientific - UK Autoclaves & Sterilizers
Asecos - Germany Safety Cabinets for storage of flammables and corrosives (acids/alkalis)
ATAGO- Japan Refractometers, Polarimeters, Viscometers & Hand Held Portable Units.
Julabo- Germany Heating & Refrigerated Circulators, Chillers, Water Baths

Liebherr - Germany Refrigerators & Freezers for lab applications

OMNILAB - Germany Lab Solutions from global leading brands of instruments and consumables
Vitlab - Germany Leading manufacturer of different plastic laboratory products, with an extensive range of liquid handling products including Micro-liter pipettes, bottle-top dispensers digital burettes.
2) Laboratory Glassware & Plastic Labware & Liquid Handling CWTC represents Pyrex/IWAKI brand of laboratory glassware, which includes general lab glassware and also Class A certified volumetric glassware, certified by Japan Industrial Standards (JIS).

Continental Worldwide Trading Company