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We would like to introduce AuVitronics as the 'Precision Plastic Experts'. AuVitronics Limted was establised in 1983 as part of 'HOUSE OF HABIB' group. The group holds various businesses i.e Automobiles to Auto Parts, Building to Banking & Jute Products to Chemicals, managing the network of Public & Private companies.

AuVitronics was the pioneer in using modern technology for the production of audiocassettes. AVT entered the 21st century by diversifying into plastic molding parts and sub-assemblies in collaboration with world renowned manufacturers. AVT has three main manufacturing divisions, Automotive, Alternate Building Material, and Consumer & Health Care (Pharma).

The company has technical assistance agreements with world renowned manufacturers for meeting strigent quality requirements. Such as 


- Koita Manufacturing (Japan)
- Cubic company limited      (Japan)
- Murakami corporation       (Japan)
- Toyeda Gosei Co ltd          (Japan)
- Krauss maffei                  (Germany)
- Auto Korea                      (korea)

AVT,S product being supplied to Japanese, Korean & British OEM, speaks volume of our committement to meeting international quality standards, strictly following Toyota production systems, utilizing 5S, Yamazumi, Fish bone, 5 Why, Quality circles and gate. 


The Pharma division at AuVitronics is working in collabartion with OH SUNG PLASTIC CO LTD (KOREA).

The Division consist of following facilities for EYE DROP, PET & HDEP bottle manufacturing. 

Clean room, Class 100 full downdraft-

- Bio Burden free, no cleaning process required.

Preform Stetch blow Molding facility

- High strength with low material 

- Part to part dimensional accuracy to ensure leakage proofing 

ETO Sterilization

- In house ETO sterilization with complete withdrawl of ETO.
- Excellent supplybility 

Electric drive injection molding

- Precision molding controls 
- Ensuring minute details

Visual measuring Machine

- 180 x Magnified image monitoring machine
- Pre-detection of defect ensuring 100 % quality product
- No need of Product segregation.

Kindly give us an appropriate time for meeting, where we could discuss features and benefits of using our PET, HDEP and Eye Drop bottles.

Pharma Packaging & Printing
Pharma Packaging & Printing
Pharma Packaging & Printing
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